Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I teach?  

I specialize in teaching women ages 6- on. My forte is to teach you to sing and accompany yourself on how to sing and play their instruments at the same time. 

What instruments can you teach me?  

How to Accompany yourself by singing and playing together  

What do I need to take lessons?

Bring your instrument (unless you are a vocalist), your computer, an internet connection, a tuner, and several medium-sized .70 picks, and a list of your favorite songs.

What will my first guitar lesson contain? 

During our first lesson, I will ask you about your goals. Do you want to lead your friends and family in song around the next campfire, rock your next open mic, do you want to record your next EP, or learn how to tour? All of this is possible with a specialized approach to lessons. 

I create your lessons catered to your musical skills, background and musical background Tell me about your musical goals and challenges by filling out this evaluation form. Then I can create your lesson strategy and put together your first personalized guitar lesson for you. 

What is the parent’s role?  

To provide a quiet space to practice, Payment of lessons, and from time to time buy or replace new or lost materials such as tuners.  

Do you charge by lesson or by month?  

I charge per lesson using Venmo or Paypal. If you prefer to pay monthly please let me know. 

Are the guitar lessons specifically designed for me? 

Yes! Here is how I design your lessons: 

We talk about your goals,  your musical background, skill level,  challenges, strengths, and weaknesses. I create your lesson plan to help you reach your guitar playing goals as fast as possible. You and I work together to help you practice your lessons and track your progress along the way. The longer we work together, the more I get to know you and your guitar playing and the better I can refine your lesson strategy over time. You will have access to a dropbox folder where all of your files of music and pdf’s are kept. So no more losing your homework. It is always available for you to access. 

What do I need to have an online lesson? 

Once we set up our lesson time via email at I will send you a lesson link. I use a program called Zoom which runs on all computers, iPods, tablets, and even phones. A few minutes before your lesson you can press your link and it will automatically take you to Zoom for our lesson. 

How will I know what I need to practice? 

 During our Zoom lesson, I will share my screen and we will be able in real-time to work through your music. Once our lesson is over I will write your homework into a google doc for us to share.

How Do I pay for lessons? 

Once a lesson is scheduled I will send you an email with your lesson time and lesson link. I will also send you a payment request via Venmo or PayPal all you do is click “send money” and you have paid for the lesson. 

Will your online guitar lessons really help me become a great guitar player?  

Yes. Everyone (including you) has the potential to become a great guitarist, songwriter, and singer.  If you apply what I teach you, you will become as good of a guitar player as you want to be. My students have gone on to tour, to record over 50 CD’s, and to win songwriting contests such as the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, and be awarded Songwriter of The Year all by taking baby steps every week towards their goals.

What musical styles can you teach me? 

Nylon String Classical Guitar 
Finger Picking Styles 
rock guitar 
blues styles

 I do not teach: 

metal guitar lessons 
progressive styles 
neoclassical & shred 

What is the format of your online guitar lessons? 

We begin every lesson by tuning up your guitar. Then we open up your dropbox to review your homework. Do you have new things you want to talk about? No problem. I always time in your lesson to talk through your questions or look at a song that you are curious about. 

Can You Show Me Some Proof That You Are A Good Teacher? 

Check out my students performing at

What is your professional and educational experience? 

I was educated at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Wa and have a BA degree in independent Composition which means I studied Classical and Jazz for guitar, voice and Composition graduating Magna Cum laude in 2007. Since then I have continued my education with Teaching Artist Workshops and studying Songwriting from Hit Songwriters in Nashville 

Do you have a Cancellation Policy? 

You must give 24 hours notice to cancel without being charged. If you cancel the day of you will owe the amount of the lesson. Every student gets one missed lesson pass to get use to this policy. You can notify me of a cancellation by email at or by text. 


What instructional materials do you use?

I use a number of books and materials for your lessons. All of your materials will be stored in your dropbox folder and be exclusively available to you. 


What other elements are part of your teaching? 

Every few months we will check in to see if you are going in the direction you want to be. We will reflect on what works and what is still in the works. 

Do you do Student Recitals?

Yes, we have Zoom performances ever 3 months. For my students who need more, I guide them on how to book and secure shows.   

How much practice time do you suggest each day? 

Practicing a musical instrument is aboutFrequency. I want you to play every day even if it's only for 10-15 min. The goal is about 30 min at least 5x a week. 

What do you expect from your students? 

I want you to enjoy your instrument, your voice, and homework.